Type Rating

Type Rating. 

Before you can fly an aircraft in Air Hauler you must take a “Type Rating” for each aircraft you wish to fly. This is achieved by clicking on the “Add Type Rating” button. This will show a list of all aircraft you have imported from FSX. On selecting your aircraft type a window will appear telling you how much it costs and which varies considerably from say, a Cessna 172 to a Airbus A380.

Air Hauler will load the aircraft in FSX and Air Hauler Flight Monitoring will be active. You will be tasked to take-off smoothly and climb to a specified altitude. If you exceed any of the parameters such as excessive air speed, banking too sharply or climbing/descending too much you will fail the check.  After flying at different altitudes and headings you will be asked to land back at base with a OK or better landing. It doesn’t take much to fail the rating so you need to be careful and make a good landing.

Below are my current type ratings.

Additional type rating for B747-400 Added 7th March 2020

type-rating 080320
My Type Rating  My Type Rating 2

Having added the Lockheed L1011 Tristar to my inventory I had to take a Type Rating before I could fly it. This was achieved to the satisfaction of Air Hauler as shown in the above right listing.

Images of the Type Rating flight:

test 01
Taxiing out for the Type Rating flight with several of my companies PAX and CARGO aircraft following on scheduled flights.test 02
All lined up waiting for ATC clearance

Type Rating 1011 Complete

If we decide to add another type of aircraft to the fleet details will added here.